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The Nurse Practitioner Modernization Act - Sample Letter

Posted over 6 years ago by Susan Smith

Below is a sample letter in support of our legislation that you can give to your patients to send to their repesentatives and lend their support to our cause to remove mandatory collaboration.


Dear Senator (or Assemblyman/Assemblywoman), As your constituent I am writing to ask you to support A.5308/S.3289; The Nurse Practitioner Modernization Act. Healthcare delivery is not only important to me, but to most Americans concerned with issues of access, affordability and choice of healthcare provider.

Toward this end, I strongly believe that Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are an integral component in our care delivery system and if fully utilized, can help provide immediate solutions to addressing and alleviating some of the major problems we are experiencing in healthcare today. Research will show in study after study that NPs provide safe, quality, cost effective care. NPs also provide increased access to care that can often times be hard to find when I need it.

I routinely see an NP for many of my healthcare needs, and personally find the care to be excellent. I am dismayed as I am sure you are, to find out that not all insurance companies are required to reimburse for Nurse Practitioner care, and that artificial barriers such as mandated collaboration with a physician are required. Given that the physician typically plays no role in my care, statutory collaboration is wrong and should be eliminated. I trust that my NP, like other healthcare providers, will use his or her professional judgment to collaborate with other providers when they feel it is necessary. It is their professional responsibility to so like any other healthcare provider, physician or otherwise. The statutory mandate to collaborate serves no clinical purpose and therefore should be eliminated to ensure that our healthcare system operates efficiently and effectively.

As a consumer, I strongly feel all NYS residents should have the right to choose Nurse Practitioner care regardless of where they may live (urban or rural areas). I also strongly believe that insurance companies should reimburse NPs for that care. Unencumbered NP care is the answer to better care for patients and an improved healthcare delivery system! Accordingly, as my representative, I ask you immediately support the above legislation and help take a step to correct what’s wrong in our system. It is the status quo that needs to change and we need our leaders to not just pay lip service to “trying to fix the system” but actually do so.

I hope I can count on your support and look forward to your response.

Truly Yours,