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Nurse Practitioners Modernization Act Passed

Posted over 3 years ago by Susan Smith

We are pleased to announce that the Nurse Practitioners Modernization Act will become law as part of the 2014-2015 enacted budget.  The NMPA takes effect on January 1, 2015. This is a tremendous step forward that advances greater patient access to care and recognizes the important role that Nurse Practitioners play as independent, autonomous health care professionals in New York State. 

The new law is a result of enormous efforts the Governor, the Senate and the Assembly, as well as with The NPA leadership and volunteers.   There were many outside forces attempting to derail The NPA's efforts to eliminate the onerous and outdated requirement for having a signed Written Practice Agreement as a matter of law.  Failure to accept certain changes to our initial proposal would have resulted in the continuation of the arcane requirement.  The cooperation among the Legislature, Executive, and The NPA led to the enactment of legislation that truly enhances the nurse practitioner profession in New York State.  

This new law removes the requirement of a written practice agreement between an experienced nurse practitioner as a condition of practice. Leaders of The NPA have heard countless instances of nurse practitioners around the state losing their collaborating physician through no fault of their own or desiring to operate a practice but not being able to afford/locate a physician willing to sign a written agreement. We have also heard from community health centers, hospital systems, and other institutions who would hire extra physicians only to maintain the ratio of 4 NPs to 1 physician (when not physically located at the same practice location as current statue requires). 

Consistent with NP practice, and federal requirements for Medicare reimbursement, the law recognizes the collaboration that exists among health care professionals. Thus, it is important to understand the details of the new law.